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The Sonopuls StatUSTM Therapy Guide 2015 contains:

  • A full theoretical explanation of ultrasound therapy
  • An explanation of Static Ultrasound
  • A full description of the practical use of StatUS therapy
  • A full description of 52 protocols
  • All protocols include a literature references (evidence based protocols) !!

The therapy guide is currently available in the English and German language.

StatUS therapy guide 2016 UK Click here to download the English version

DE Click here to download the German version

In this booklet the following protocols are incorporated:

Protocol 1 Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)
Protocol 2  Cervical Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Protocol 3 Hypertonic Trapezius Muscle, upper part
Protocol 4 Supraspinatus Tendinitis
Protocol 5 Triggerpoints Supraspinatus Muscle
Protocol 6 Subacromial Bursitis
Protocol 7 Subdeltoid Bursitis
Protocol 8 Biceps Brachii Tendinitis, caput longum
Protocol 9 Biceps Brachii Calcification, caput longum
Protocol 10 M. Biceps Brachii, Rupture
Protocol 11 Myositis Ossificans
Protocol 12 Lateral Epicondylitis, Type I
Protocol 13 Lateral Epicondylitis, Type II
Protocol 14 Lateral Epicondylitis, Type III
Protocol 15 Lateral Epicondylitis, Type IV
Protocol 16 Medial Epicondylitis Humeri
Protocol 17 Pronator Teres Muscle Syndrome
Protocol 18 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Protocol 19 Wrist Fracture (LIPUS)
Protocol 20 Dupuytren’s Contracture (grades 1 and 2)
Protocol 21 Triggerpoints in Rhomboid Muscle, upper and lower part
Protocol 22 Erector Spinae Muscle, Strain Injury
Protocol 23 Quadratus Lumborum Muscle Myalgia
Protocol 24 Degenerative Disc Disease
Protocol 25 Sciatic Neuralgia (radicular origin)
Protocol 26 Abdominal Muscle, Partial Rupture
Protocol 27 Piriformis Muscle Syndrome, Entrapment Neuropathy
Protocol 28 Trochantor Major Bursitis
Protocol 29 Tensor Fasciae Latae Syndrome
Protocol 30 Haematoma
Protocol 31 Quadriceps Femoris Muscle Contusion
Protocol 32 Adductor Muscle Syndrome
Protocol 33 Hamstring Muscles, partial rupture
Protocol 34 Knee Osteoarthritis
Protocol 35 Knee Synovitis / Capsulitis
Protocol 36 Collateral Ligament Strain Injury, lateral / medial
Protocol 37 Meniscus Lesion
Protocol 38 Patella Tendinitis
Protocol 39 Iliotibial Band Syndrome
Protocol 40 Pes Anserinus, Insertion Tendinitis
Protocol 41 Corpus Hoffa Inflammation (Hoffitis)
Protocol 42 Baker’s Cyst
Protocol 43 Partial Rupture M Gastrocnemius, medial part
Protocol 44 Tibial Stress Fracture
Protocol 45 Shin Splints
Protocol 46 Compartment Syndrome
Protocol 47 Ankle Joint Strain Injury (Anterior Talofibular Ligament)
Protocol 48 Talocrural Arthrosis
Protocol 49 Achilles Tendon, Partial Rupture
Protocol 50 Subtalar Arthrosis
Protocol 51 Plantar Fasciitis
Protocol 52 Morton’s Neuralgia
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