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active & passive motion

Motomed Loop Light la (legs & arms)    

               Passive, Motor-supported, and active movement therapy

  • movement therapy basic equipment
  • Safe movements in case of paralysis, or spasm
  • Large color touchscreen 18 cm
  • Pedal trainer & arm trainer are height adjustable
  • Serial Interface, USB interface



active & passive motion

Motomed Loop la (legs & arms),                                                                   

               passive, motor-assistive, and active  movement therapy

  • Same as the above, but with the additional features:
  • Therapy programs
  • Games & videos
  • Slide show



Active & passive motion

Motomed Loop P.la (legs & arms) , PARKINSON 

Passive, motor-assistive, and active movement therapy for PARKINSON's patients

  • Same of the above, with the following additional features:
  • "Forced Exercise" program: 90 revolutions/min 
  • Therapy motivation programs
  • Games & video
  • Slide show


 active & passive motion for the kids

 Motomed Loop Kidz.la (leg & arms). Movement therapy for little ones.



Motomed with Functional Electrical Stimulation

Motomed with RehaMove FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) that turns a passive movement into active movement training with the RehaMove stimulator



 Motomed for reclining patoients

 Motomed Layson.la (leg & arms) used in Intensive Care Units