This section includes the Neurological Rehabilitation Equipment & Softwares, made by Hasomed, Germany.

 1. The REHAGAIT is a completely portable diagnostic system that gets accurate measurements of everyday movement.

 2. The REHACOM is a Cognitive Therapy software that includes 27 modules for screening & training, in many languages

 3. The REHALNGEST is the dysphagia solution for pharyngeal swallowing behavior: evaluation, monitoring,and rehabilitation.

 4. The REHAMOVE Exercising with Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). RehaMove combines FES technology with a MOTOMED.


RehaGait Mobile Gait Analysis


 RehaGait is a completely portable system that takes minutes to set up. In just moments, you can record, analyze and report on one’s gait patterns which makes it ideal for clinical and scientific gait analysis. RehaGait features:

  • Mobile use, intuitive handling, objective data & complete freedom of movement.
  • Analysis of gait pattern
  • Comparison between multiple analysis
  • Scientific purposes results
  • Results and course of the time are shown graphically
  • No need for a gait lab, you can use it on the clinic floor, on a treadmill or outside


RehaCom : Evidence-based Cognitive therapy software.

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RehaCom includes 27 modules for training basic functions as well as specialized, and more complex modules for training several affected cognitive functions. Starting at a low level of difficulty, the client can progress to solve increasingly complex tasks. Indicated for Stroke, TBI, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Alzheimer, Geriatrics, ADHD, Psychiatric Disorders.

The therapy of cognitive disorders requires longer treatment time. The patient can continue the therapy started in the clinic under supervision at home.

 Rehalngest: The Reliable Swallowing Detection.

 Every detected swallow is marked on the measurement curves. Additionally a peak of the EMG activity with a simultaneous increase in bioimpedance (the changing electrical resistance of the pharynx) indicates a swallow. RehaIngest is HASOMED's  dysphagia solution for pharyngeal swallowing behaviour evaluation, monitoring, and rehabilitation. Designed for speech-language pathologists, rehabilitation physicians, neurologists, and ear, nose, and throat physicians, the new user-friendly, non-invasive system sets benchmarks for dysphagia prevention and therapy.

 RehaMove: Functional Electrical Stimulator.


 Functional Electrical Stimulation is an alternating current unit that can reach as much as 500μS, which combined with an active exercise is indicated to treat movement disorders after SCI, and central lesion. RehaMove is an FES Cycling system that allows individuals with weakness or paralysis of the legs to actively cycle a stationary bike, by stimulating the muscle with a small electrical current