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4. Speech

Five Vab Oral Facial Massage Set


This specialised oral facial massage tool has 5 interchangeable massage heads with different textured tips so tactile input can be varied during therapy sessions. Requires A76/LR44 batteries (supplied). Size: 7.6 x2.5 cm.

Rompa® Kit Oral Motor Skills

kit oral motor skills


Acquiring and developing oral motor movements, strength and control are considered important for speech and for feeding skills. This kit includes a variety of engaging tools to help the therapist to encourage sucking, chewing, oral motor awareness and so on. Contents may vary but typically include blowing musical instruments, feathers, straws, ice cube tray, drinking bottle and chewing resources.

 Rompa® Vocabulary Cards



HUGE VALUE! This 180 Vocabulary card box set has been created to improve language skills. Simple illustrations on clear uncluttered backgrounds are suitable for therapeutic and educational settings. Learn words, describe pictures and invent stories, categorise, sequence and order. 

Topics include: animals, eating and drinking, fruit and vegetables, school, where people live, clothes, calendars.Cards: 11 cm  x 11 cm


 Rompa® Talking Speech Therapy Mirror


 A recording and talking device that allows the client to visualize the formation of his/her words. Record a message up to 10 seconds long then the client plays back the message and practices correct form whilst watching him/herself in the break-resistant acrylic mirror. With adjustable volume and on/off switch. Colours may vary. Size: 30 cm W x 36 cm H

 Oral Motor Exercisers, 72 cards

33 oral motor cards for maximising co-ordination and strength of oral motor muscles. Clear, real-to-life images help users adopt correct positioning of lips, tongue, jaw and palate.

Therapists can use these to locate precisely, at a specific point of articulation where difficulties preventing correct pronunciation originate, so interventions can be focused on improving this skill. 33 cards, 3 classification cards and 2 adhesive sheets for self-printing phrases in a selected language.

A downloadable accompanying guidance document outlines methodology and activities.

For 3 years+. 11.5 cm W x 8 cm H.

The product instructions are available in English, and French.