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  Eleveo Unweighing System

Eleveo is a static & mobile training device for dynamic unloading. It is recommended for patients in a wide range of gait disorders, it maintains a proper posture, reduces the load, eliminates balance problems, and improves motor coordination.

Its unique harness is designed for uni - or bilateral support, and fits all patients from Small to Extra-Large.

ELEVEO is a dynamic unloading system which means that it allows the shifting of the center of gravity by at least 5 cm for a more physiological movement of the body during the training.



  • battery-powered electric height adjustment.
  • two-point suspension with pelvis positioning and front-back inclination using 4 belts,
  • four-wheel system with two wheels with full and two with directional brake (the wheels with directional brake allow for pre-setting the direction of movement prior to the treatment),
  • the system can lower to 164 cm for an easy access to rooms with low doors (180 cm) or treatment of shorter patients,
  • 88 cm wide frame allows an easy passage through most doors,
  • maximum height of 234 cm,
  • patient height of up to 210 cm,
  • patient weight of up to 160 kg,
  • front, back and sideways gait training,
  • gait direction change possible without disconnecting the harness,
  • variable angle adjustable handlebars,
  • dynamic unloading system which allows for shifting the centre of gravity by at least 5 cm for a more physiological movement of the body during the training,
  • including one universal suspension harness S-M-L-XL (made from washable fabric for easy cleaning),
  • WeCoTRONIC – electronic panel shows real-time data (weight, unloading) from BT-enabled tensometric sensor.