Continuous Passive Motion



Kinetec for the knee & the hip

Kinetec Spectra Essential

Continuous Passive Motion, KINETEC for the knee

  • Continuous Passive Motion for the knee & the hip. 
  • Speed: 45º to 155º / min
  • Range of motion for the knee: -10º to +120º
  • Range of motion for the hip: +75º to +10º
  • Patient size: 145 cm to 195 cm
  • Adjustable length for the femur & the tibia
  • User weight: 135 Kg
  • Pauses at the limits of flexion & extension.
  • Supplied with 2 x legrests & 1 x footrest, washable  

Continuous Passive Motion, screen

Remote Control of the Kinetec



Kinetec for the shoulder

Kinetec Centura

Provides an intuitive control of the Range of Motion, speed & pause


  • Continuous Passive Motion for the shoulder.
  • Automatic reversal of movement in case of excessive effort. 
  • Range of motion (ROM):

5 different exercises (ROM) can be performed by Kinetec for the shoulder:

Adduction / Abduction: 20º to 160º

Flexion / Extension: 20º to 180º

Adduction / abduction with synchronized rotation

  • Speed: 50º to 140º / min
Continuous Passive Motion for the shoulder, image shows different exercise
                                                                         Kinetec Centura, CPM for the Shoulder