Continuous Passive Motion for the shoulder

Kinetec Centura Lite™ - 2 motors



Movement A: Abduction / Adduction from 20° to 160°

Movement B: Adbuction / adduction from 20° to 160° with synchronised rotation from -30° to 90°

Movement C: Shoulder rotation from -30° to 90°

Movement D: Shoulder Flexion / extension from 20° to 180°

Movement E: Horizontal abduction -30º up to 110º (option reference 4670020020)

Movement F: Flexioin / extension of the elbow - 10º up to 135º (option reference number 4621007002)

a. Patient size: from 1.40 m to 2 m
b. Maximum user weight: 130 kgs
c. Reverse on Load: ensures patient protection when excessive force is exerted on the joint
d. Adjustment of the inversion force: 6 levels
e. Possibility to block the adjustment of the parameters
f. Resetting of the parameters when changing of the movement, to allow an incompatible range of motion with the patient condition
g. Automatic movement (continuous) or manual
h. Function detection of the maximum patient range of motion (manual mode or By-Pass mode)
i. Adjustment of the session time: from 1 minute to 24 hours
j. Pause in movement limit: from 1 second to 15 minutes
k. Adjustment of the speed from 50 to 140° per minute (5 levels)
l. Memory :16 rehabilitation programs