Enraf Nonius Electrotherapy Equipment

The Sonopuls range: Ultrasound & Combination


SONOPULS 490, ultrasound therapy

         The sonopuls 490, ultrasound therapy

  • Sonopuls 490: Ultasound therapy unit, mains & battery operated.
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Large memory
  • Color touchscreen
  • Can be extended with a hands-free StatUS unit

  FR Ultrasons avec une tête conventionelle 




 SONOPULS 190, ultrasound therapy

         the sonopuls 190, ultrasound treatment

  • Sonopuls 190ultrasound therapy
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Large memory
  • Color touchscreen

  FR Ultrasons avec une tete conventionelle





      SONOPULS 490, Static ultrasound

           The sonopuls 490, StatUS, static ultrasound treatment

Sonopuls 490 StatUSthe hands-free ultasound unit

 FR Ultrasons avec tête statique StatUS     





    SONOPULS 190, Static ultrsound

             sonopuls 190, ultrasound, StatUS treatment head

Sonopuls 190 StatUS, Hand-free ultrasound


  FR Ultrasons avec tête statique StatUS




SONOPULS 492, combined ultrasound & stimulation

        The sonopuls 492, combined treatment

  • Sonopuls 492, the most complete combination unit
  • mains & battery operated
  • Combines both Endomed 482 & Sonopuls 490
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols for ultrasound, electrotherapy, and combination of both as well.
  • Color touchscreen
  • Best used with the Vacotron 460, vacuum unit.

 FR Combiné ultrasons + stimulation



The Endomed range: Stimulation


ENDOMED 482, electro therapy stimulation  

          The endomed 482, electro=stimulation

  •  Endomed 482The complete stimulation unit. It includes all the therapy currents.
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Large memory
  • Color touchscreen
  • Best used with the Vacotron 460 vacuum un

 FR Appareil de stimulation électrique





ENDOMED 484, electrotherapy stimulation      

        The endomed 484, electrostimulation

  •  Endomed 484: All around 4-channel electrostimulator.
  • Mains & battery operated
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Color touchscreen
  • Large memory
  • Includes a PENS (Percutaneous Electro Nerve Stimulator) the electro-acupuncture stimulator

 FR Appareil de stimulation électrique




 ENDOMED 182, electrotherapy stimulation

           the endomed 182, electrostimulation

  • Endomed 182Interferential current & TENS current Electrostimulation unit
  • Color touchscreen
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Large memory
  • Can be extended to VACOTRON vacuum unit

 FR Appareil de stimulation électrique



The Myomed: Biofeedback & Stimulation


 MYOMED 132, biofeedback & stimulation                               

           The biofeedback

Myomed 134, version II

  • Biofeedback with electrotherapy, with pressure, and combined unit
  • Mains & battery operated
  • 2-channel biofeedback, and 2-channel currents
  • can be used for incontinence and all other treatments

 FR appareil EMG biofeedback, biofeedback par pression, biofeedback par électrothérapie, et le diagnostic  



The TensMed range: TENS & EMS



              TensMed S82, TENS & EMS electrostimulaion


  • TENS for pain relief & EMS for muscle stimulation
  • 2 outputs
  • Contains 65 pre-set treatment protocols:
  1.      12 sport
  2.        8 fitness, beauty, & wellness
  3.      16 pain relief
  4.        9 prevention
  5.     11 rehabilitation
  6.       3 incontinence
  7.       6 free programs
  • Supplied with battery charger & a rechargeable Battery

 FR Appareil TENS + stimulation musculaire avec 2 sorties




  The TensMed S84, TENS & EMS electrostimulation


  • TENS for pain relief, & EMS for muscle stimulation
  • 4 outputs
  • Contains 265 pre-set protocols (incl. sports, fitness, aesthetics, pain relief, prevention, rehabilitation, incontinence, and free programs) 
  • Supplied with a battery charger & a rechargeable battery

 FR Appareil TENS + stimulation musculaire avec 4 sorties


The Vacotron : vacuum unit


 VACOTRON 460, vacuum 

       vacotron 460, vacuum unit for electrostimulation

Vacotron 460,vacuum unita valuable addition to the stimulation units

  FR Appareil à électrodes ventouses


The Endopuls: Shockwave unit


 ENDOPULS 811, shockwave therapy    


  •  Endopuls 811a complete SHOCKWAVE therapy with evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Color touchscreen
  • Easy to ue

 FR Appareil à ondes de choc radiales




The Endolaser Range: Laser unit



       ENDOLASER HP, Laser therapy

                    Endolaser High Power Laser Therapy


  • Endolaser HP, high power therapeutic LASER
  • Evidence-based, pre-set protocols
  • Color touchscreen
  • Multiple laser probes
  • Target light
  • 3 wavelenghts: 810 nm, 980 nm, 1064 nm

FR Traitement au laser haute puissance



       ENDOLASER 120, laser therapy

           laser for physical therapy

  • Endolaser 120high performance therapeutic LASER
  • Evidence-based, pre-set protocols
  • Color touchscreen
  • Multiple laser probes
  • Target light

 FR Laser thérapeutique



The Eltrac: Lumbar & Cervical unit


 ELTRAC 471, cervical & lumbar traction

       cervical & Lumbar traction

Eltrac 471for the electric cervical traction & electric lumbar traction.

  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Color touchscreen

 FR Traction cervicale élecrique & traction lombaire électrique


The TECAR range




  • Tecarpuls IIthe new equipment for deep heat treatment
  • Capacitive & resistive modes
  • Evidence-based protocols
  • Color touchscreen
  • What is Tecar ?

 FR Appareil TECAR, nouvelle génération





       TECAR I

 FR Appareil TECAR



The Endopress: Pressotherapy unit


 ENDOPRESS 442, presso therapy



EndoPress 442

  • This equipment has 3 different operating techniques:
  •     a. The Gradient mode,
  •     b. The Linear mode,
  •     c. A different pressure for each segment mode
  • Color touch screen
  • Silent
  • It contains More than 21 pre-programmed sequences 
  • 100 freely programmable sequences.

FR  EndoPress 442, appareil de drainage lymphatique, presso-thérapie.



The Curapuls: Shortwave Deep Heat unit


 CURAPULS 670, shortwave therapy

          short wave, deep heat therapy

  •  Curapuls 670 Shortwave: The Top Model of the deep heat therapy
  • A very easy-to-administer treatment based on evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Colored touchscreen
  • Thermal & a-thermal treatments

 FR Appareil à ondes courtes



The medical trolley cart: EN-Car


 EN-CAR, trolley

        cart for medical equipment

  • EN-Carthe Enraf Nonius trolley 
  • the universal equipment trolley
  • Same colors as the ENRAF NONIUS equipment
  • Shelves are height adjustable
  • Drawer can be installed under upper or lower shelf 

 FR Chariot médical


The Magnetic Stimulation


 COMPACT II, magnetic stimulation

        magnetic stimulation equipment

 Compact-II, The Magnetic Stimulation Therapy: A high energy inductive therapy

 FR Thérapie par induction à haute énergie




 OCCIFLEX, neck treatment

           neck treatment equipment


 Occiflexthe solution for the neck pain, and related headaches

 FR La réhabilitation cervicale