Enraf Nonius Medical Rehabilitation Equipment



EN-TRAIN concept software 

EN-Train concept software

  •  EN-Train is a software concept for Medical Training Therapy (MTT)
  • Test & measure the status of the patient
  • Design Targeted exercise program
  • Monitor & adjust the progress of the exercise program

 FR EN-Train, un concepte thérapeutique pour l'entrainement et le fitness





Total Body Bike by Enraf Nonius

Total Body Bike,

  • A versatile semi-recumbent ergometer for muscular and, cardiovascular rehabilitation
  • Can be used in a reclining position on a comfortable chair (That can be removed for people on wheelchair)
  • Suitable with patients with spasm
  • Lage color touch screen, with pre-set protocols: VO2 max, 3-min test, 12-min test, steep ramp test
  • Suitable for obese patients: up to 200Kg
  • Training goals: Time, distance, energy, heart rate
  • Hill profiles
  • Gaming

 FR Ergo cycle semi allongé pour la réeducation cardiovasculaire et musculaire pour les personnes à mobilité réduite



 BIKE-REHA rehabilitation & cardio-respiratory bike

the training and rehabilitation bike for cardiology & rehabilitationby Enraf Nonius

Bike Reha

  • This ergometer is used for rehabilitation & sports trainings, for cardiorespiratory training as well
  • Saddle & handlebar are horizontally & vertically adjustable
  • Well suited for cardiorespiratory restricted patients: the resistance can be set as low as 5 watts
  • Full color touch screen with pre-set protocols  

 FR ergomètre pour les exercices cardiorespiratoirs et la rééducation medicale et sportive




 EN-MOTION, treadmill

training and rehabilitation treadmill for cardiology & rehabilitation by Enraf Nonius

EN-Motion, treadmill

  • Auto-speed: the treadmill automatically adjusts to the speed of the user
  • Tests: The test data are compared against standard data, and are presented clearly
  • Low step height: 12.5 cm suitable for recovering patients
  • Progressive Shock Absorption
  • Dual Slope Technology: from +15º to -10º
  • Full color touch screen, with pre-set protocols

 FR tapis roulant pour la rééducation sportive et cardiovasculaire



CROSSWALKER, upper & lower limbs trainer 

equipment for training and rehabilitation of upper & lower limbs by Enraf Nonius

Crosswalker, a total workout ergometer

  • A unique " Constant Torque" mode
  • The resistance can be set as low as 5 watts
  • Full color touch screen
  • Gaming mode

 FR pour un entrainement musculaire total 




 EN-TRACK, software 

EN-Track software for Enraf Nonius training & rehabilitation equipment


Software for the supervision of rehabilitaion process

 FR logiciel pour le suivi de l'entrainement



EN-TREE multifunctional pulley system

 the pulley system for all body parts made by Enraf Nonius

 EN-Tree Pulley

Multifunctional pulley system

 FR appreil de pouliethérapie compacte 




 EN-DYNAMIC, 15 training devices

 The EN-Dynamic Exercise & rehabilitation equipment made by Enraf Nonius


15 Multifunctional training devices for all muscular groups

 FR 15 appareils de rééducation, et de réhabilitaion, pour les differents groupes musculaires