Patient at home: Bathing and Toileting


FoldableToilet Chair

Foldable Commode & shower chair

made of aluminum

Height adjustable L x W x H : 48 cm x 45 cm x 51-60 cm 

Supplied with commode bucket with metal handle & cover.



Foldable Toilet Chair

 Flodable commode chair

Supplied with commode bucket with metal handle & cover

Made of steel, with epoxy painting.


Mobile Toilet Chair 

Commode chair, mobile 

Lockers on rear castors

Supplied with foldable leg rest, commode bucket with metal handle

Easy to clean hygienic blow-molded apeture seat



Mobile Toilet Chair: Stainless Steel 

Commode chair, manufactured with stainless steel.

 Mobile on 4 castors, the rear castors are lockable

 Swinging drop arms, which can be detached for side transfer

 Hook-on footerests

 Easy to clean hygienic blow-molded apeture seat



Toilet Wheelchair 

Commode Wheelchair

Features folding, triple chrome plated carbon steel frame, plastic commode seat, fixed armrests & detachable leg-rests.

Equipped with a plastic container.




Adjustable Toilet Chair

Commode & Toilet chair

height adjustable

Made of steel with epoxy painting

Supplied with a commode bucket with metal handle & cover


Toilet Raiser

Elevated Toilet seat with lock.

Designed for individuals who have difficulty sitting down or standing up from a toilet.Wide opening in front and back simplify personal hygiene. Supplied with arms.


Bath Board 

Portable Plastic Bath Board

Molded plastic bath board fits securely over bathtub. Adjusts simply to fit standard bathtubs.Rubber stops help protect tub from scratches. Supports up to 150 Kg 


Toilet Grab Bar

Non-slip Texture Insulated Grab Bar

Texture provides better grip when the bar is wet. Diameter 3.7 cm at 5 cm from the wall. 62 cm long



Shower Chair: Non-slip 

Shower Stool

Height adjustable


Non-Slip Shower Chair: with arms 

Bath Chair with arms

Height adjustable