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Enraf Nonius Thermotherapy units:

Fango units; Paraffine units; Packheaters;

Chilling units; Infra-red radiators; hot packs;

hot-cold packs; chilling units.




 Therabath® Capacity: 9 lb

Relieves of pain due to arthritis, joint inflammation, muscle stiffness, and injury, increases circulation to renew tissue, and moisturizes dry, cracked skin from the inside out.

Can be used for hands, feet, and elbows.



Therabath® Accessory Kit. 

  • Two Insulated Mitts: Heavyweight plush polyester-velour, cotton-lining, fiber-fill insulation for maximum comfort and warmth, easy-to-use hook/loop closures, machine washable.
  • 100 Liners: Disposable plastic liners make clean-up fast and easy!
  • 4-oz. Pre-treatment Cleansing Spray: Cleanses skin prior to paraffin application.
  • 4-oz. Intensive Hydrating Cream


Verre & Quartz

 Circline 400 watts; adjustable in all directions (hi-lo, left-right)

Verre & Quartz

Infra-rouge 250 watts; adjustable in all directions (hi-lo, left-right)


 Thermophore® Deep moist heat that relieves arthritic & rheumatic pain; also relieves muscle spasm.

2 sizes are available:

  • 35 x 35 cm
  • 68 x 35 cm