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1. Visual

Rompa® Bubble Mirror

Look into the nine mirror bubbles, and see the reflection nine times over. Move, and see the reflection change shape, and size.

Rompa® Bendy Mirror

 The Bendy Mirror enables clients to see themselves in differing dimensions which change as they move.

Glow Gloved

Excellent for sign-language users in the dark.

Practical outside at night, they also engage youngsters inside in darkened environments and can help children focus on the signing.

‘Charged up’ from the sun or a bright light, they glow for up to 2 hours each time.

One size fits all.

Rompa® Infinity Light

Creates the illusion of colored lights beyond the depth of the mirror. Functions as a mirror when switched off. Economical yet extremely visually effective

Domestic Life visual DVD

This DVD is from a series of innovative resource packs using archive footage accompanied by a wealth of relevant information, illustrated notes, and a manual filled with ideas and resources for activities relating to the theme. Winner of the Outstanding Dementia Care Product at the 2013 National Dementia Care Awards. Each DVD features 6 films of 4 minutes, having key points where the film is intended to be paused, and then used with the accompanying manual to facilitate a reminiscence activity. The theme of this resource is "domestic life", the full contents are the following:

  • Market Day (1951): Crowds of shoppers browse round the many stalls, indoors and out, that are piled high with everything from fruit and veg to pots and pans. When it’s time for a breather, there’s a refreshing cup of tea or an ice cream.
  • At Home in the Garden (1953): In this film we see a mother and her little boy eating lunch on the lawn, surrounded by colourful flower beds. Mum puts her feet up while her son plays on the tartan rug and rides his tricycle. Friends call round to play. The little boy helps his dad with some planting and tries his hand at shelling peas.
  • Breakfast to Bedtime (1960): Here we see children getting washed, dressed and ready for school, then eating breakfast together. Later, everyone has tea around the table and the children help with household jobs, before the older ones do their homework and the younger ones have a chance to play. Before bed, all the children enjoy some TV together.
  • Practice Makes Perfect (1947): This film shows the girls in class, making cakes and biscuits, doing laundry and preserving fruit. Then, in the school’s practice flat, the girls dust and polish, arrange flowers and make the bed, before serving two of their teachers with afternoon tea.
  • The Weekly Shop (1957): On sale alongside the packets and tins are bread, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, as well as frozen foods and kitchenware. Women are getting used to browsing with baskets and trolleys, then making their way to the check-out.
  • Baby Days (1944): In this delightful film, we see a mother and her new baby in hospital together, then settling into life back at home. The little boy is fed, bathed, dressed by his proud parents and admired by friends and relation

Rompa® Visual KIT - Deluxe


 Typically includes:

  • Kit Bag
  • UV Lantern with Torch
  • UV Twister Rope (4m)
  • Linelite (4m)
  • UV Scarves
  • Space Blanket
  • Glow Gloves
  • Boing Ball
  • Colour Acrylic Mirrors
  • Colour Changing Egg
  • Twilight Turtle
  • Infinity Light Wand - Set of 4
  • Bizi Ball and Snoezelen Sensory Squares - Set of 12.

Rompa® Sensory Blocks - Set of 16


Colourful wooden blocks to look through while you build! Good for colour stimulation and shape recognition. Includes 4 each of rectangles, squares, triangles and half moons.

Centres are bead, coloured acrylic, glitter in coloured liquid, and coloured sand (4 of each).

Rompa® Color Changing Egg

Slowly and passively changes colour in sequence. Colour-lock button allows you to keep your favourite colour on all the time instead of fazing effect.

Safe, soothing and soft-lighting. Includes 3 x button cell (AG13) batteries. Size: 9.5 cm H