Continuous Passive Motion

Product Information

A great design in addition to the latest USB technology to program the device, and patient data. The Spectra unit is supplied  with 3 washable PU leg supports.

Kinetec Indications:

Arthrotomy and arthroscopy, synovectomy, arthrolysis operations.
Exercise-stable osteosynthesis
Patellectomy, and corrective osteotomy
Total knee/hip replacement
ACL/PCL reconstruction
Any complex knee surgery
Articular cartilage surgery.

Kinetec Spectra Features

1. Range of Motion Extension/Flexion
     Knee -10° to 120°
     Hip 75° to 115°

2. Foot Positioning:
     Plantar flexion:  40º,   Dorsal flexion: 30º,   Adduction / abduction: 30º

3. Speed: 45º to 155º per minute.

4. Key lock function To prevent accidental changes of the parameter settings.

5. Timer, pre-set time or continuous operation.

6. Pauses during extension and/or flexion. 

7. Reverse on load in steps 1 to 25  patient safety feature in case of detected spasm.

8. Warm up protocol: Gradual progression to the maximum range of motion

9. 20 pre-set treatment protocols.

10. Total therapy time Added sum of therapy sessions.

11. PU leg supports for a hygienic treatment: the Spectra is supplied with PU pads that can be washed or wipe-cleaned between patients, using a standard hospital anti-bacterial wipes.

12. Patient size from 1.45 m to 1.95 m.

     total leg: 71 cm to 99 cm. 

     total tibia: 38 cm to 53 cm. 

     total femur: 35 to 46 cm.

13. Used with optional pediatric platform:  

      total leg: 53 to 109 cm.

      total tibia: 20 cm to 56 cm

14. Mains voltage: 100 - 240 Volt.

      Power: 50 VA

15. Weight: 12 Kg

  Kinetec Spectra™ with PU Pads

Kinetec Spectra™ avec Coques confort

 Kinetec Spectra™ remote control


Optional accessories:

 a. The Data Capture software to record patient treatment improvement.

 b. The Chair adaptor when the equipment is used it in seated position.


 c. A trolley

 d. A pediatric footplate 

 e. Single-use, disposable pads.