Intercare sarl is a professional supplier for physiotherapy & rehabilitation equipment

Welcome to Intercare sarl, the physiotherapy equipment supplier in Lebanon. We supply highly performant equipment for healthcare professionals with the latest innovations in physiotherapy technology, ensuring effective treatment, and performance.

Our range of products also includes home use mobility tools, and other elderly care equipment.  
With a wide range of products from world leader manufacturer Enraf Nonius, we are committed to providing solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Experience the difference with Intercare sarl, where quality equipment meets exceptional service in training & after sales maintenance.

Intercare sarl is a family company founded in 1986. We are Distributor of products for physical therapy, rehabilitation & occupational therapy. In this website you can find, the following range of products:

1. Electrotherapy Equipment

2. Massage & Treatment Tables

3. Medical Rehabilitation Equipment

4. MOTOMED , the movement therapy,

5. KINETEC: Continuous Passive Motion,

6. Clinic supplies:

    +Small Exercise Equipment,

    ++Evaluation Equipment,

    +++Thermo Therapy

7. Pressotherapy equipment

8. Hydrotherapy,

9. Massage equipment & supplies,

10. Home care:

    +elderly care (electric beds, hoist, mattresses, etc.),

    ++bathing & toileting,

    +++Wellbeing: Pillows & cushions.

    ++++Wheelchairs & Mobility.

11. Pain, and muscle treatment:


    ++EMS , 

    +++TENS + EMS  

12. Unweighing system,

13. Ergotherapy:

    +Senses Rehab Supplies,

    ++Snoezelen Multisensory rooms.


Our products are sold to hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, chiropractic clinics, athletic training centers, home-care centers, professionals, and end-users.

We distribute equipment that are known worldwide for their quality, manufactured by creative companies known as the first in their class.

We have a qualified training team, able to answer to any question to the practitioner. We give a warranty for all the equipment we sell. 


Michel Daccache

 Michel Daccache