MOTOmed, the movement therapy

MOTOmed, movement therapy sitting & lying

MOTOmed movement therapy was developed for people with restricted mobility, and complements physical, occupational, and sports therapy measures. Users can train sitting in a wheelchair or from a chair. While lying down, patients use the MOTOmed from the nursing bed or from the therapy table.


motomed fuctions : arms, legs, arm & legs.

Therapy modes


The motor-driven movement without any effort is suitable for regulating muscle tone, relaxing the muscles and for early mobilization after long periods of rest. Passive training promotes blood circulation, digestion, and joint mobility.


In motor-assisted movement therapy, the MOTOmed ServoTreading function enables an easy transition from passive to active training. Assistive movement promotes strength and endurance even with the slightest amount of strength.


Active training with your own muscle strength against finely adjustable braking resistance strengthens the leg, arm, and upper body muscles and strengthens the cardiovascular system.


The Motomed Loop Light range

The movement therapy in sitting position

mOTOMED active, resistive & passive motion

Motomed Loop Light la (legs or arms or legs & arms)



               Passive, Motor-supported, and active movement therapy

  • The Loop Light provides all basic functions of the movement therapy 
  • Safe movements in case of paralysis, or spasm
  • Large color touchscreen 18 cm
  • Easily movable with large transport rollers (Ø 13 cm).
  • Available colors: white/chrome/black.


  • Insertion Aid

    The insertion aid function facilitates the insertion of the feet into the foot shells before the start of the training. 

  • MovementProtector

    If muscle cramp, spasticity or movement blockage (freezing) occurs during training, this function stops the pedal movement. 

  • SpasmControl

    This function works closely with MovementProtector and can loosen and release detected spasms or cramps. The basis for the development of such a function is the following therapeutic principle: bending spasm is loosened by stretching and stretching spasm by bending. 

  • ServoCycling

    Similar to a bicycle with an auxiliary motor, the MOTOmed function ServoCycling (leg training) or ServoTurning (arm training) supports users in performing their active movement, even with the lowest inherent forces. Residual muscle strength can be recognized and built up without overstraining efforts.

  • SymmetryTraining

    The SymmetryTraining : Based on the graphic display, the users can target their "weaker" side of the body during training, thus preventing overloading of the healthy extremities.

  • Training analysis

    The training values: duration, distance, symmetry, total metabolic rate, tone, the average and maximum active performance as well as the active and passive training percentage can be viewed by on the screen both in real time during the training, and as an overall evaluation after the training.



The Motomed Loop range

The movement therapy in sitting position

motomed loop: active, resistive & passive motion

Motomed Loop la (legs, or arms, or & legs and arms)   

The properties                                                               

               passive, motor-assistive, and active  movement therapy

  • Same as the above, but with the additional features:
  • Therapy programs
  • Games & videos
  • Slide show

The Motomed Loop Parkinson range

The simultaneous movement therapy for the treatment of Parkinson disease


motomed parkinson:Active, resistive & passive motion

Motomed Loop (legs & arms) , PARKINSON 

Passive, motor-assistive, and active movement therapy for PARKINSON's patients

  • Same of the above, with the following additional features:
  • "Forced Exercise" program: 90 revolutions/min 
  • Therapy motivation programs
  • Games & video
  • Slide show

The Motommed Kidz range

The movement therapy for children


 motomed KIDZ: active, resistive & passive motion for the kids

 Motomed Loop (leg & arms). Movement therapy for little ones.

The Motomed with Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)


Motomed with Functional Electric Stimulation

Motomed with RehaMove FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) that turns a passive movement into active movement training with the RehaMove stimulator

The Motomed Layson range

The movement therapy in supine position


 Motomed Layson: for reclining patients

 Motomed (leg & arms) used in Intensive Care Units 

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