Enraf Nonius Electrotherapy Equipment

Enraf-Nonius supplies equipment for every type of therapy you may need to apply. All developed in accordance with the most stringent requirements for use and safety, designed for ultimate treatment comfort, and manufactured of the highest quality materials. Ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy and TENS, biofeedback and myofeedback, shortwave, and microwave therapy, shockwave therapy, thermotherapy, lymph drainage, laser therapy, traction therapy or the innovative Enraf-Nonius handsfree ultrasound therapy: we have the right equipment for you.

The Sonopuls range: Ultrasound & Combination

SONOPULS 490, ultrasound therapy

Complete, easy-to-use, fast, and the responsible choice for ultrasound therapy

         electrotherapy: ultrasound therapy

  • Sonopuls 490: Ultasound therapy unit, mains & battery operated.
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Large memory
  • Color touchscreen
  • Can be extended with a hands-free StatUS unit

  FR Ultrasons avec une tête conventionelle 

          academy 490   

 SONOPULS 190, ultrasound therapy

         electrotherapy: ultrasound therapy

  • Sonopuls 190: ultrasound therapy
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Large memory
  • Color touchscreen

  FR Ultrasons avec une tete conventionelle


      SONOPULS 490, Static ultrasound

StatUS ultrasound is a new revolutionary method of applying therapeutic ultrasound.

           electrotherapy:The sonopuls 490, StatUS, static ultrasound therapy

Sonopuls 490 StatUSthe hands-free ultasound unit

 FR Ultrasons avec tête statique StatUS     


   SONOPULS 190, Static ultrasound

Hands-free ultrasound makes a difference for patient and therapist

             sonopuls 190, ultrasound, StatUS treatment head

Sonopuls 190 StatUS, Hand-free ultrasound

       FR Ultrasons avec tête statique StatUS


SONOPULS 492, combined ultrasound & stimulation

Complete, easy-to-use, fast and the responsible choice for ultrasound therapy combined with stimulation therapy!

Can be extended with Hands-Free ultrasound therapy!

        Electrotherapy, combined treatment, ultrasound + stimulation

  • Sonopuls 492, the most complete combination unit
  • mains & battery operated
  • Combines both Endomed 482 & Sonopuls 490
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols for ultrasound, electrotherapy, and combination of both as well.
  • Color touchscreen
  • Best used with the Vacotron 460, vacuum unit.

 FR Combiné ultrasons + stimulation


The Endomed range: Stimulation

ENDOMED 482, electro therapy stimulation  

Complete, easy-to-use, fast and the responsible choice for electrotherapy

          electrotherapy, endomed 482, stimulation therapy

  •  Endomed 482The complete stimulation unit. It includes all the therapy currents.
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Large memory
  • Color touchscreen
  • Best used with the Vacotron 460 vacuum un

 FR Appareil de stimulation électrique


ENDOMED 484, electrotherapy stimulation 

Allround 4-channel electrostimulator    

        electrostimulation, endomed 484, electrostimulation

  •  Endomed 484: All around 4-channel electrostimulator.
  • Mains & battery operated
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Color touchscreen
  • Large memory
  • Includes a PENS (Percutaneous Electro Nerve Stimulator) the electro-acupuncture stimulator

 FR Appareil de stimulation électrique


 ENDOMED 182, electrotherapy stimulation

Favourable priced professional device for Interferential Current (IFC) and TENS

           electrotherapy, endomed 182  electrostimulation

  • Endomed 182Interferential current & TENS current Electrostimulation unit
  • Color touchscreen
  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Large memory
  • Can be extended to VACOTRON vacuum unit

 FR Appareil de stimulation électrique


The Myomed: Biofeedback & Stimulation

MYOMED 132, biofeedback & stimulation 

Biofeedback and combination therapy                             

           electrotherapy, myomed 132 biofeedback & electrostimulation

Myomed 134, version II

  • Biofeedback with electrotherapy, with pressure, and combined unit
  • Mains & battery operated
  • 2-channel biofeedback, and 2-channel currents
  • can be used for incontinence and all other treatments

 FR appareil EMG biofeedback, biofeedback par pression, biofeedback par électrothérapie, et le diagnostic  


The TensMed range: TENS & EMS


The top professional product for pain relief and muscle stim

              electrotherapy, TensMed S82, TENS & EMS electrostimulaion


  • TENS for pain relief & EMS for muscle stimulation
  • 2 outputs
  • Contains 65 pre-set treatment protocols:
  1.      12 sport
  2.        8 fitness, beauty, & wellness
  3.      16 pain relief
  4.        9 prevention
  5.     11 rehabilitation
  6.       3 incontinence
  7.       6 free programs
  • Supplied with battery charger & a rechargeable Battery

 FR Appareil TENS + stimulation musculaire avec 2 sorties


  electrotherapy:The TensMed S84, TENS & EMS electrostimulation


  • TENS for pain relief, & EMS for muscle stimulation
  • 4 outputs
  • Contains 265 pre-set protocols (incl. sports, fitness, aesthetics, pain relief, prevention, rehabilitation, incontinence, and free programs) 
  • Supplied with a battery charger & a rechargeable battery

 FR Appareil TENS + stimulation musculaire avec 4 sorties

The Vacotron : vacuum unit

VACOTRON 460, vacuum 

Suction module: A valuable addition to the Endomed 482 or Sonopuls 492

       electrotherapy: vacotron 460, vacuum unit for electrostimulation

Vacotron 460,vacuum unita valuable addition to the stimulation units

  FR Appareil à électrodes ventouses

The Endopuls: Shockwave unit

ENDOPULS 811, shockwave therapy    

A compact, and complete shockwave unit

           electrotherapy: shockwave therapy

  •  Endopuls 811a complete SHOCKWAVE therapy with evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Color touchscreen
  • Easy to ue

 FR Appareil à ondes de choc radiales


The Endolaser Range: Laser unit

                      ENDOLASER HP, Laser therapy

                    electrotherapy: Endolaser High Power Laser Therapy

  • Endolaser HP, high power therapeutic LASER
  • Evidence-based, pre-set protocols
  • Color touchscreen
  • Multiple laser probes
  • Target light
  • 3 wavelenghts: 810 nm, 980 nm, 1064 nm

FR Traitement au laser haute puissance


       ENDOLASER 120, laser therapy

           electrotherapy: laser for physical therapy

  • Endolaser 120high performance therapeutic LASER
  • Evidence-based, pre-set protocols
  • Color touchscreen
  • Multiple laser probes
  • Target light

 FR Laser thérapeutique


The Eltrac: Lumbar & Cervical unit

 ELTRAC 471, cervical & lumbar traction

Ideal for lumbar and cervical traction/continuous and intermittent traction

       electrotherapy: cervical & Lumbar traction therapy

Eltrac 471for the electric cervical traction & electric lumbar traction.

  • Evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Color touchscreen

 FR Traction cervicale élecrique & traction lombaire électrique

The TECAR range


Healing energy capacative and resistive

           electrotherapy: TECAR II, deep heat therapy

  • Tecarpuls IIthe new equipment for deep heat treatment
  • Capacitive & resistive modes
  • Evidence-based protocols
  • Color touchscreen
  • What is Tecar ?

 FR Appareil TECAR, nouvelle génération



Next generation deep heat

       electrotherapy: TECAR I, deep heat therapy

 FR Appareil TECAR


The Endopress: Pressotherapy unit

ENDOPRESS 442, presso therapy

The whisper quiet device for an effective and a comfortable lymph drainage treatment

electrotherapy: Endopress 442, pressotherapy

EndoPress 442

  • This equipment has 3 different operating techniques:
  •     a. The Gradient mode,
  •     b. The Linear mode,
  •     c. A different pressure for each segment mode
  • Color touch screen
  • Silent
  • It contains More than 21 pre-programmed sequences 
  • 100 freely programmable sequences.

FR  EndoPress 442, appareil de drainage lymphatique, presso-thérapie.

The Curapuls: Shortwave Deep Heat unit

CURAPULS 670, shortwave therapy

          electrotherapy: Curapuls 670, short wave, deep heat therapy

  •  Curapuls 670 Shortwave: The Top Model of the deep heat therapy
  • A very easy-to-administer treatment based on evidence-based pre-set protocols
  • Colored touchscreen
  • Thermal & a-thermal treatments

 FR Appareil à ondes courtes


The medical trolley cart: EN-Car

EN-CAR, trolley

The universal equipment trolley

        electrotherapy: EN-Car, cart for medical equipment, trolley

  • EN-Carthe Enraf Nonius trolley 
  • the universal equipment trolley
  • Same colors as the ENRAF NONIUS equipment
  • Shelves are height adjustable
  • Drawer can be installed under upper or lower shelf 

 FR Chariot médical

The Magnetic Stimulation

  COMPACT II, magnetic stimulation

High Energy Inductive Therapy

        electrotherapy: Compact II,magnetic stimulation equipment

 Compact-II, The Magnetic Stimulation Therapy: A high energy inductive therapy

 FR Thérapie par induction à haute énergie



 OCCIFLEX, neck treatment

           electrotherapy: Occiflex, neck treatment equipment

                      Occiflexthe solution for the neck pain, and related headaches

 FR La réhabilitation cervicale

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