Patient at Home


Electric Bed


electric bed



4-section Electric Bed

Mains & battery operated, (LxWxH)205 cm x 96 cm x 45/75 cm. The load capacity is 175 Kg . It is supplied with 3 motors & remote control unit

Options: IV stand

             4-section anti-bacterial mattress

             Monkey pole 


Patient Hoist


 patient hoist





Electric Patient Hoist

The lifting capacity is 175 Kg, it is battery powered with an external charger.


Water Mattress : anti-decubitus


 anti decubitus water mattress



M-Forme® Water mattress

3 water sections + 1 air section

Maximum user weight: 135 Kg

Dimensions: (L x W x H) 200 cm x 95 cm x 11.5 cm

Supplied with a repair kit, a universal filling hose, and an air pump

PVC thickness: 0.4 mmm


Air Mattress : anti-decubitus


alternating air mattress




Ventilated Air Mattress

Maximum user weight: 130 Kg

Cycle time: 6 min

Dimensions : (L x W) 200 cm x 90 cm

Power-adjustable pump

Supplier with a repair kit.


Air Mattress: High profile


alternating air mattress



Ventilated Air Mattress

Maximum user weight: 165 Kg

Cycle time: 6 min.

Number of cells 18

Dimensions:  (L x W x H) 200 cm x 85 cm x 12.5 cm

Power adjustable pump

Supplied with a cover & a repair cell.


anti reflux cushion

Anti-Reflux Pillow

Anti-Reflux Pillow. 50 cm wide, includes a bamboo washable cover.

 electric reclining chair

Reclining Chair: electric

Reclining & Massage Chair

Suitable for the elderly

Equipped with 3 motors


 visco elastic orthopedic pillow

Orhopeadic Pillow

Made of improved visco-elastic foam. It provides proper neck support with two different size lobes, one on each side. Latex-free,supplied with a bamboo washable cover.

2 different sizes: 60 x 40 x 12/10 cm                                                                   60 x 30 x 10/7 cm 


 support cushion

Support bolsters

 Round & Half-Round Knee Supports.

Decreases legs & lower back pain. Elevates the leg to relax the spine.