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2. Tactile

 Rompa® Large Double Sided Activity Center

tactile activity

Designed to encourage group play and sharing. Suitable for both children and adults.Size: 76 L x 29 l x 44 cm H

Rompa® Tactile Street

tactile street

 Tactile-, 3 sets of Streets:

1. sandpaper, rubber, artificial turf, cork, carpet, plastic.

2. cobblestone, soft mat, board, tiles, wire mesh, willow

3. rough wood, tiles, sloped wood, fur, metal, loofah

Rompa® Tactile Activity Board

tactile activity board

This board has 10 different visual, tactile, and auditory activities with a range of sounds, and volumes. It encourages motor movement, co-ordination and sensory skills.Wall mount to encourage stretching abilities.Size: 114 L x 71 H x 8cm D

Quite Activity Center

quite activity center

Double sided for use on the floor or table by one or two people. 4 different items each side. Items include rotating mirror, bell roller and in-built carrying handle.

Offers a range of gentle sounds to encourage concentration. Latex free.

Size: 38 cm H x 61 cm L, base 25.5 cm

Typically includes:

  • Ruff's House & Kit Bag
  • Sensaring
  • Tact-O, & Squiggle Ball
  • Buggie & massage tube
  • Tactile Multi-Purpose Cushion
  • Tactile Scrub Brushes
  • Cushtie
  • Vibration Pillow & Cushtie
  • Space Blanket
  • Sparkly Play Foam and Hedgehog Balls.

Rompa® Rainbow Slinky

rainbow slinky

Excellent fiddle device. Visually appealing and amusing - watch it go down steps or balance it in both hands. Larger size suits adult hands too.
Size: 10.5cm

Rompa® Fiddle Kit

 fiddle kit

A bumper collection of small fiddle objects. Contains items with different properties and surface textures such as spiky, hard, soft, stretchy, rough, tickly etc. Some items are even audible and scented! Typically includes over 20 tactile items similar to the images shown but the contents may vary subject to availability. More information below

Tactile Multi-Purpose Cushion

multi purpose cushions

Use on chairs to provide movement and tactile input and so encourage good posture and concentration.  Also useful on the floor for balance, co-ordination, stability and movement activities. Inflated – adjust the level according to need.

For 3 years and over. Blue.  Recommended maximum weight supported: 120kg (tested up to 200kg)