Enraf Nonius Massage & Treatment Tables

Whichever model you choose, stability, quality, and reliability are always guaranteed. Treatment couches with a stylish, modern design. Every model is made of the best materials. Due to the ergonomic design of our couches, patients, and the treating specialist experience the greatest possible comfort.         

 The MANUMAX series

Where Sturdy and smart come together in one treatment table: the MANUMAX

           MANUMAX 2-section couches

          treatment couches, oesteo tables 

          ManuMax Examination, 2-section Table

          A 2-fold electric, treatment & examination table

           FR Table de traitement électrique efficace et élégante


          MANUMAX MULTI treatment couches 

The ManuMax is the first treatment couch with a 3 dimensional curved head section. The facial/nose opening follows the shape of the head and covers the complete length of the headrest without any stitching, making the headrest very comfortable for the patient and easy to clean. Maximum comfort for maximum well being.

 All ManuMax tables have a safe working load of 250 kilograms.

            Massage & Treatment table, Manumax multi-section

            The 3-section ManuMax Multi treatment table, has either 3 or 5 sections

             ManuMax Multi 3.3  & ManuMax Multi 3.5

             FR Table de traitement électrique à 3 parties ou 5 parties


          The MANUMED series

        MANUMED OPTIMAL 3-section 

          Massage & Treatment table, Manumax multi-section

          The Manumed Optimal couches series

           Manumed Optimal 3-section, the most versatile treatment, and examination couch.

FR Table de traitement électrique polyvalente



massage & treatment table: manumed optimal 2-section 

Manumed OPtimal 2-section, Robust, and simple

 FR Table de traitement électrique robuste et efficace

Manumed comfort

manumed comfort 

Manumed comfort, convenient & comfortable electric couch

 FR Table de traitement électrique avec membres inferieurs séparées


manumed osteo 

Manumed Osteo, any postion is possible with this all-around couch.

The best couch for osteophaty 

 FR table de traitement ostéo, électrique, très efficace

 MANUMED ST budget-friendly couches

manumed ST

Manumed ST, the budget-friendly Manumed electric table

 FR Table de traitement électrique, efficace et économique


Manumed Exercise 

 Manumed Exercise, Bobath, neurological & exercise therapy electric couch.

 FR Table de Bobath, en 3 versions, simple, et électrique avec 1 ou 2 parties   

MANUMED Tilt Table

manumed tilting table 

  •  Manumed Tilt, electric or hydraulic tilting table
  • Tilts fro 0º to 90º
  • Suitable for adults & children
  • Load capacity: up to 150 Kg
  • Can be 1 or 2 sections
  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Large wheels for safe movement
  • Optional accessories: patient table, patient armrests, different slings etc.

 FR Table de verticalisation électrique, pour adultes et enfants, avec accessoires

MANUMED traction table

massage & treatment table: manumed traction 

 Manumed Traction  

  • 4-section electric Traction table 
  • Supplied with cervical accessories: neck harness, or TMJ cervical set
  • Also supplied with a Flexistool, thoracic belt, and pelvic belt, and traction frame 
  • Load 150 kg (optional 250 kg)
  • Can be used as a traction as well as a regular treatment or massage couch
  • Wheel raising mechanism for easy movement of the couch

 FR Table de traitement et de traction, électrique

The ManuXelect series


massage & treatment table: manuxelect 2 or 3 sections 

 The ManuXelect couches series

  1. ManuXelect 2-section, electric treatment & massage table 
  2. ManuXelect 3-section, electric treatment & massage table
  3. ManuXelect traction, the new 2-section, electric traction table with the lumbar & cervical accessories
  • Electrical height adjustment from 48.5 to 105.5 cm
  • Section adjustment with gas spring
  • Load capacity 150 kg (optional 250 kg)

 FR Tables de traction à 2 ou 3 parties, électriques


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