Intercare sarl is a professional supplier for electrotherapy & rehabilitation equipment

Intercare sarl is a family company founded in 1986. We are Distributor of products for physical therapy, rehabilitation & occupational therapy. In this website you can find, the following range of products:

1. Electrotherapy Equipment

2. Massage & Treatment Tables

3. Medical Rehabilitation Equipment

4. MOTOMED , the movement therapy,

5. KINETEC: Continuous Passive Motion,

6. Clinic supplies:

    +Small Exercise Equipment,

    ++Evaluation Equipment,

    +++Thermo Therapy

7. Pressotherapy equipment

8. Hydrotherapy,

9. Massage equipment & supplies,

10. Home care:

    +elderly care (electric beds, hoist, mattresses, etc.),

    ++bathing & toileting,

    +++Wellbeing: Pillows & cushions.

    ++++Wheelchairs & Mobility.

11. Pain, and muscle treatment:


    ++EMS , 

    +++TENS + EMS  

12. Unweighing system,

13. Ergotherapy:

    +Senses Rehab Supplies,

    ++Snoezelen Multisensory rooms.


Our products are sold to hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, chiropractic clinics, athletic training centers, home-care centers, professionals, and end-users.

We distribute equipment that are known worldwide for their quality, manufactured by creative companies known as the first in their class.

We have a qualified training team, able to answer to any question to the practitioner. We give a warranty for all the equipment we sell. 


Michel Daccache

 Michel Daccache